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We must fight for the preservation of our planet instead of destroying it. Deforestation is a big problem, and those who think that it doesn?t influence us are deeply mistaken. Forest loss has many negative consequences for our planet, and if our world ceases to exist, we?ll disappear too. People worldwide are studying this problem and thinking of developing the solutions for it, but science still needs some bright minds to offer something new. And even if you prefer to pay for a paper to be written, you still can be the person able to change the scientific community. We are sure that your educators think the opposite, so don?t listen to them. If you already can prioritize tasks, know what?s more/less important to you, you?re an adult educated person, no matter what people are telling you. Do you feel you need to hire a helper? Do it ? is the best existing academic helper.

Integrated Conservation Research welcomes you to investigate promising, sustainable solutions to the ongoing problem of tropical rainforest deforestation and the elimination of much of our world's genetic inheritance.

The continuing devastation of the rainforests today illustrates the critical weakness inherent in pure preservationist approaches to carrying the "economic burden" of conservation. ICR has researched and developed economic and ecological means for sustainable conservation, preservation, and restoration of previously devastated forests.

Please accept the invitation to join us as we continue to demonstrate how to sustain biological diversity. Investigate solutions presented on this web site and choose your method of participation, from becoming a member or planning your rainforest eco-vacation to investing in promising new projects and economic ventures.

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Photo courtesy of Michael Doolittle

World leader and innovator in canopy walkway installation, Illar Muul, will conduct a one-week, hands-on introduction to canopy access. Dr. Muul has been involved with the installations of nearly every canopy walkway worldwide.

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