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Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni

Dr. Nadkarni is a co-founder and the president of the International Canopy Network


International Canopy Network

The International Canopy Network (ICAN) is devoted to facilitating the continuing interaction of people concerned with forest canopies and forest ecosystems around the world.


Green Pages

"The Global Directory for Environmental Technology"

Tropical Resources Institute

Programs for Students


A good place for an ecovacation!

The RCP has an excellent chance of becoming the first site to demonstrate that conserving tropical rainforest does not need to be an economic burden

FAO Corporate Document Repository

"An increase in bilateral and multilateral funding for conservation projects is being paralleled by an upsurge in interest for seeking out ways and means of managing tropical landscapes in order to ensure a perpetual stream of multiple products and services at a reasonable cost. The notion of a critical mass strategy (Muul, 1989; 1993) is among those that hold promise."

Community Commons

Community Commons is dedicated to building a sustainable future for the region's social and natural resources through education, outreach and partnership building. (Maryland, USA)


Web-Journal dedicated to the study of South East Asian Biodiversity

Forest Biology and Conservation in Borneo

MAB Digest 15

Complete republication on the Web of MAB Digest 15, "A Natural History of Seed Money" in which Dr. Muul presents his concept of critical mass. This document is considered by many to be the original "bible" for Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Conservation