"Doing Well by Doing Good"

ICR's strategy goes directly to the roots of the problems that result in deforestation. We also offer innovative and cost-effective ways to restore rainforests that have been converted to other uses. In this way we avoid the "fortress mentality" of futile attempts to protect what is left against the onslaught of ecologically unsustainable economic development. We make a pre-emotive strike to develop unprotected forest sustainably. The key is to show how greater profits can be derived than through "one-off" exploitation for the short-term gain.

Simultaneously, we attempt to restore rainforests where they have already been cut. Again the key is to show that this can be done profitably enough to compete with ecologically non-sustainable uses of the land.

We identify the economic forces that lead to rainforest replacement. We identify and implement economic activities to reverse the destructive trends and to encourage reforestation. All this can be summed up as:

"doing well by doing good."