Current Status

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year by hundreds of conservation groups, large scale deforestation continues. No successful reforestation of high diversity tropical rainforests has been demonstrated.


No coordinated, comprehensive and convincing strategy has been developed or implemented. Most of the funds are still devoted to research. Though research is important, we must move forward with action plans based on information available.

The scope of the action plan should be equivalent to that of the space program which allowed man to walk on the moon. Isn’t it worth the same level of planning and funding to save human-kind’s place on Earth? Realizing this is not going to happen in the near future, ICR has identified and researched specific actions that can be taken to begin to reverse the tide of deforestation.


The causes of deforestation differ locally and through time. Saving the high diversity rain forest in many areas is already too late. However, reforestation is possible if profitability can be demonstrated.

Over the last 18 years of study, ICR has identified:

  1. The main economic incentives for deforestation
  2. Viable alternatives in ecologically and economically sustainable development (click on pictures)
Causes of Deforestation
ICR Alternatives

Agricultural Development

Slash and Burn cultivation
Plantations of monocultures

Forests for the Future

Logging for Timber

Skidder Damage
Road Building

Nature Tourism

Conversion to Pasture Rainforest Beef

Real Estate Development

Eco Acres

View of Rainmaker Mountain, Costa Rica

“Rainforest Residences”